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FREE Thanksgiving Origami Tutorials

FREE Thanksgiving Origami Tutorials

Folding Thanksgiving origami is a fun and festive holiday activity, perfect for the whole family to enjoy.  There are many levels of complexity in the origami tutorials making it a great activity for both children and adults.  The result of this engaging paper craft can be cute and beautiful holiday decorations.

We have three favorite decorating ideas with Thanksgiving origami. 

First, use your completed origami models as a place setting at each seat of the table for Thanksgiving dinner.  Not only is this an adorable addition to the table, the kids will love contributing to the holiday preparations.  

Our second unique idea for decorating with your Thanksgiving origami is to create a centerpiece cornucopia, like this Paper Bag Cornucopia,  and fill it with origami fruits, vegetables, sunflowers, acorns and leaves.  

Our third decorating idea for Thanksgiving origami is to string your origami models together to create a beautiful and festive garland.  Different models can be paired together to create cute themes; leaves and acorns, turkeys and pilgrim hats, etc.

In this post we have shared free easy, intermediate and advanced origami tutorials for folding turkeys, acorns, sunflowers, leaves, candles, tables, chairs, apples, tomatoes, corn, pumpkins and pilgrim hats.  We hope you enjoy trying out folding these origami models.  Folding origami can be a cute Thanksgiving tradition that can be enjoyed year after year.

Easy Dollar Bill Turkey Thanksgiving Origami

Easy Thanksgiving Origami Models

Intermediate Thanksgiving Origami Models

Advanced Thanksgiving Origami Models 

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