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Top 5 Horse Calendars for 2023 – Full Size Wall Calendars

Top 5 Horse Calendars for 2023 – Full Size Wall Calendars

Whether you’re an avid horse lover or are in need of a unique and thoughtful gift for one, a horse themed calendar is a perfect choice.  Horse calendars are a great way to add a touch of horse to your home or office while also helping you to stay organized and motivated throughout the year. There are many different types of horse calendars available for purchase, but which ones are the best?  We require our horse calendars to have NO halters and no riders, unless of course it’s a riding discipline based calendar. Here are our top five horse calendars for 2023: 

Spirit Horses 2023 Wall Calendar by Tony Stromberg

Our favorite 2023 horse calendar is Spirit Horses by Tony Stromberg.  Actually, Tony Stromberg’s horse calendars are our favorite every year.  They all feature exquisite photography capturing horses in motion that are both domestic and wild. 

Horse Portraits2023 Square Wall Calendar

The black and white portraits of horses captured in this Horse Portraits Calendar are stunning.  This 16 month calendar is truly a work of art perfect for elevating the look of your office for the new year.  Another great feature of this calendar is that it comes with 180 reminder stickers, to better assist you in your organization.

RED EMBER World of Horses – 2023 Wall Calendar

This RED EMBER World of Horses Calendar features beautiful horse photography with each month showcasing a different horse in a variety of settings like snow covered fields, beaches and meadows full of wildflowers.

MICASA World of Horses – 2023 Wall Calendar

We definitely recommend checking out the MICASA World of Horses Calendar. It’s another great calendar also featuring amazing professional horse photography.

2023 Horses Wall Calendar by Bright Day

This Horse 2023 Calendar by Bright Day Calendars is another excellent choice for incorporating more horse into your daily life by offering glimpses of horses in beautiful scenery.  


Fun Countdown to Halloween Calendars

Fun Countdown to Halloween Calendars

Make this Halloween season even more memorable with a festive Countdown Calendar.  They are very similar to Christmas Advent Calendars and some have doors or pockets to hide treats, small gifts, stickers and cute images.

Countdown to Halloween calendars come in many different styles and materials, so you are sure to find one that perfectly complements your Halloween decorations.  Find your favorite and have fun counting down to Halloween!

Wooden – Countdown to Halloween Calendars

Wooden Farmhouse Style Countdown to Halloween Calendar

The Wooden Countdown to Halloween Calendar featured above is available as shown but we love that you can also purchase it as a kit. There are two kit options to choose from – paint it yourself or assemble and paint it yourself.

Large Haunted House Halloween Countdown Calendar

This Large Haunted House Halloween Countdown Calendar is sooo AMAZING and it’s our favorite Countdown to Halloween Calendar this year. The design is based on the deserted Ukrainian Pidhirtsi Castle. In addition to it looking fabulous, it features windows that open, revealing your countdown surprise, and lights that illuminate the window panes.

Felt/Canvas – Countdown to Halloween Calendars

Happy Halloween Felt Countdown to Halloween Calendar

Personalized Countdown to Halloween Calendar

This Personalized Countdown to Halloween Calendar is made of canvas and features pockets for treats and small gifts. We love that it can be personalized.

Paper – Countdown to Halloween Calendars

All of our featured Paper Countdown to Halloween Calendars are quality calendars by The Vermont Christmas Company known for their Christmas Advent Calendars. Each Halloween countdown calendar features a fun picture and riddle or joke behind each window. They make excellent inexpensive gifts and are perfect for your own home. Take a look at our current favorites…

Little Goblins Halloween Countdown Calendar

Barn Dance Countdown to Halloween Calendar

Haunted House Halloween Countdown Calendar