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The Best FREE Halloween Origami Tutorials

The Best FREE Halloween Origami Tutorials

There are so many Halloween origami designs available. However, not all of them are equally amazing or free. In this post we are presenting our top free Halloween origami choices and sorting them into levels: Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced. 

What goes into our origami evaluation for a diagram or pattern to meet our standards? First, it needs to be an authentic origami model. Meaning it must involve only folding paper. For Halloween origami, we will make an exception to allow for the use of a pen. If it requires scissors, glue, google eyes, etc, it’s out… Second, the finished origami model needs to look cute or realistic. No questioning it like, “I guess this blob COULD be a ghost”.

We’ll get to the free origami list but first… FREE printable Halloween-themed Origami paper! This is so perfect for throwing together a craft for a Halloween party for kids and adults. Also for making some extra festive decor.

Now for the Origami models…  We hope you enjoy them!


This origami bat is just too cute…


This pumpkin is so cute! 


This crow is outstanding!  The step by step tutorial in this video seems very accomplishable, maybe with a few tries.

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