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The Best Horse Themed Advent Calendars (for Horses and Ponies Too)

The Best Horse Themed Advent Calendars (for Horses and Ponies Too)

The best way, for horse lovers, to countdown to the Christmas holiday is most certainly with a horse themed advent calendar.  Luckily, there are styles available for horse lovers of all ages and even for horses and ponies too.  Take a look below to find your favorites.

These fun Christmas advent calendars also make excellent gifts for horse lovers hosting your Thanksgiving holiday.

Advent Calendars Filled with Horse Themed Toys

The following calendars by Breyer, Schleich and Playmobil are each filled with at least 24 adorable horse themed toys.  Each day you will find a special horse, a rider, a piece of tack or barn supplies.

This advent calendar by Breyer features Minnie Whinnies and some of their accessories.  40 of these special toys are included in this calendar including seven horses, two foals, one unicorn, three people and an assortment of other related accessories which appear to include jumps, fencing, barrels, a trophy and ribbons and hay bales.

This is the 2022 advent calendar release from Schleich!  It is, yet again, absolutely amazing. It includes a horse and a foal, a dog, two chicks and a squirrel, a rider with bendable legs and 17 accessories to include English tack for the horse, a halter, blanket and grooming brushes.  We love this new advent calendar!

This is the 2021 advent calendar from Schleich.  However, it is good for use any year!  Schleich’s advent calendars are timeless.  It comes with 24 toys which include one horse, two foals, a rider, a dog, a cat, a chick and many great accessories including English tack and grooming brushes.

This is the 2020 advent calendar release from Schleich.  It is another timeless Christmas countdown packed with amazing toys and accessories.  The theme of this calendar is veterinary.  Its 24 toys include a horse, a foal, a cat, a kitten, a bunny rabbit and a squirrel.  It also includes a vet and tons of cool accessories like vet wrap that actually can slide onto the legs of the horse and foal, other veterinary tools, a halter, horse blanket and treats for the horses and small animals.

The Playmobil Horse Farm includes 24 super cute toys for one advent calendar.  In addition to the calendar filled with toys, the child initially receives a horse farm backdrop for playing with the toys in the calendar.  Some of these toys include three people figures, one horse, two foals, two ponies, cats, a wheelbarrow, fencing, a tree, hay, hedgehogs, a bucket.  The rest of the calendar includes, of course, tons of other amazing accessories. 

Fill Your Own Horse Toy Advent Calendar

Love to do a special advent calendar for your child or children annually?  And also love to save money?  You may want to consider purchasing an advent calendar and filling it yourself.  

If each year you purchased one of the toy filled advent calendars we have shared you would end up spending, on average, $38 dollars a year which is about $192 over five years.  A hanging advent calendar like this Andees Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar Reusable Wall Hanging is only $18.98 with large pockets for some seriously amazing toy gifting!  If the horses you include in the set are something like this 18 Piece Horse Figure Toy Set for $15.99 or 16 Pieces Horse Figurines for $8.49 (filling the rest of the days with some candy) you would spend a total of only $34.97 or even $27.47 for the first year!  After that, you only spend the amount of money for a toy set each year after.  Going with the $15.99 set, you save an average of $3 dollars the first year and $22.01 each year after.  As opposed to spending an approximate $192 dollars over five years, you would spend only about $98.93 over the five years saving you a total of $93.07!  Another great benefit is that you will never run out of options for creating a great horse themed advent calendar, each year it can be filled with new, unique gifts.

Resin – Horse Advent Calendar

While this advent calendar doesn’t include daily gifts or surprises, it is still a beautiful way to countdown to the Christmas holiday.  This horse is absolutely stunning.

Paper – Horse Advent Calendars 

This paper advent calendar is horse themed featuring a beautiful scene with lots and lots of horses.  Looking at all of the activity in this horse barn never gets old.

The ponies in this paper advent calendar are just too cute.  While not exclusively horse or pony themed, this Christmas countdown is perfect for pony lovers.

Filled with Chocolates!

The scene in this advent calendar is a perfect combination of fun and beautiful. It is full of chocolates individually wrapped as Christmas presents. In addition to a chocolate, each day in the calendar you will find a verse from ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Advent Calendars for Horses and Ponies Too…

Countdown to Christmas with your favorite horse or pony.  This advent calendar is filled with yummy equine treats…

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The Top Ten Large Wooden Christmas Advent Calendars

Countdown to Christmas with The Best Wooden Advent Calendars

A wooden Christmas advent calendar is more than just a beautiful and fun addition to the holiday season; it’s the start of a holiday tradition that will remain timeless in your home. Advent calendars are perfect for any and every member of the family; fill them with whatever your special recipient loves most. Candy, small toys, jewelry, really anything you can imagine.

Wooden advent calendars come in many different styles and designs. We chose our top ten wooden Christmas advent calendars to help you choose the perfect holiday treasure.

What to consider when choosing a wooden advent calendar? Design, while always important, is not the only critical factor. The advent calendar’s drawer size, or doored compartment size, must be considered. Many beautiful and cute wooden advent calendars feature drawers that can hardly fit a piece of candy. You need a wooden advent calendar with larger drawers to include items like small toys for kids.

With design and drawer size in mind, these are our top ten large wooden Christmas advent calendar selections. We hope you enjoy this post and find the timeless treasure that will adorn your home year after year and provide many amazing memories with the small gifts they bring. 

1 – Snowman Village Clever Creations Wooden Christmas Advent Calendar

Currently this is our favorite wooden Christmas advent calendar.  It was a tough choice with all of the other amazing options available, however it was our favorite with its perfect mix of beautiful and cute elements. The features in the Snowman Village are captivating to look at; the snowmen in the village, beautiful houses, the children playing, Santa Claus and his impressive reindeer…  We just love it!

This beautiful wooden advent calendar is hand painted and becomes illuminated by battery operated LED lights. The dimensions of the overall calendar are 11.75 inches long, 3 inches wide and 7.75 inches tall. The inside dimensions of each drawer are 1 3/4 inches long,  1 3/8 inches wide and 1 7/16″ deep.

2 – Precious Moments “O Come, Let Us Adore Him” Nativity Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is absolutely beautiful and comes complete with 24 nativity figurines to fill the drawers. There is also a nativity poem book with a special verse for each of the figurines. Decorating this nativity advent calendar each day leading up to Christmas is sure to be a special yearly tradition. For kids, a great idea is to let them discover the figurines drawer by drawer the first year and then refill it in years to follow with small toys and sweets.

Each figurine included in this wooden Nativity scene advent calendar is hand painted and made from a resin cast.  The dimensions of the calendar are 10 inches long, 2.5 inches wide and 13.5 inches tall.

3 – M MINGLE Wooden Advent Calendar

This advent calendar features a white Christmas color scheme with white and gold coloring.  The woodland scene is just so whimsical with a cottage, trees, and falling snow.  A buck and a doe are standing outside of the cottage and Santa Claus is arriving in a sleigh pulled by reindeer.  We think it would make the perfect advent calendar for anyone like kids or a significant other.

The overall dimensions of this wooden advent calendar are 15.7 inches long, 3 inches wide and 9.7 inches tall.  The dimensions of each drawer are 1.7 inches long, 1.2 inches wide and 2.1 inches deep.

4 – BRUBAKER Gingerbread House Advent Calendar with LED Lighting

We love this gingerbread house wooden advent calendar.  It is such a fun, festive design and possibly best of all the snowflakes on the roof of the house are illuminated with LED lights.  There are three different sizes of boxes in this advent calendar which allow for so many different ideas for filling it with meaningful and fun gifts.  

The overall dimensions of this wooden advent calendar are 10.31 inches long, 2.17 inches wide and 17.72 inches tall.  The first drawer is sized 1.89 inches long, 0.91 inches wide and 2.13 inches deep. The 2nd through 21st drawers are sized 1.26 inches long, 1.61 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep. Drawers 22 through 24 are sized 2.2 inches long, 1.57 inches wide and 2.76 inches deep.

5 – Clever Creations Wooden Christmas Advent Calendar

This wooden Christmas advent calendar is absolutely breathtaking. It features a winter village with beautiful houses, trees, deer and a snowman skiing.  Additionally the base of the box, between each grouping of six wooden drawers, features a snowy church scene.  The church scene becomes illuminated by LED lights as does the house and street light adorning the top. This advent calendar is definitely a statement piece of holiday decor.

The dimensions of the calendar are 7.75 inches long, 3 inches wide and 11.75 inches tall.  Each drawer measures 1 1/4 inches long, 1 inch wide and 1 inch tall.

6 – BRUBAKER Wooden Advent Calendar White Winter Landscape

This wooden advent calendar features a charming nighttime winter landscape framed by wooden drawers.  The woodland scene is illuminated by LED lights making this advent calendar a decoration choice that is sure to bring warmth to your home.

The dimensions of the calendar are 14 inches long, 2.4 inches wide and 10.6 inches tall.  Each drawer measures 1.4 inches long, 1.6 inches wide and 1.1 inches deep.

7 – Byers’ Choice Santas Sleigh Advent Calendar

This wooden advent calendar is stunning featuring a beautiful vintage style painting of Santa and his sleigh flying over a snowy village.  Instead of drawers, this advent calendar features doors with room behind each for toys and treats.  EAch door of the calendar is numbered in an artful way that incorporates the painting theme.

The dimensions of the calendar are 18.5 inches long, 4 inches wide and 15 inches tall.  The dimensions of the doored compartments are 1 1/2 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide and 2 inches tall.

8 – PIONEER-EFFORT Large Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar House

This Christmas house wooden advent calendar is so cute and festive.  The drawers are situated around five windows into the house that depict adorable holiday scenes. Some characters that can be viewed through the windows are eleves, Santa Claus, a nutcracker and a dog.  Each window is illuminated with LED lights.

The dimensions of the calendar are 13.98 inches long, 2.36 inches wide and 17.91 inches tall.  The dimensions of the drawers are 1.46 inches long, 1.34 inches wide and 1.97 inches deep.

9 – Juegoal Countdown to Christmas Calendar Nature Wooden Tree

This wooden Christmas tree advent calendar design is so simple and warm incorporating natural light colored wood with 24 colorful box drawers.  Each drawer features a unique holiday and winter themed design. We love the creativity used for the number of the drawers; some feature a number and others feature the number spelled out as a word.

The dimensions of the calendar are 12.3 inches long, 2 inches wide and 15 inches long.  The dimensions of the drawers are 1.5 inches long, 1.85 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep.

10 – Modern Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar Box

Lastly, we are sharing this modern black and white wooden Christmas advent calendar. The boxes of this advent color differ in size and design, featuring a variety of Christmas holiday themed words and images embellished with gold. Unfortunately, we do not know the exact size of each box. However, featured videos show decent size figurines in the drawers so we imagine they are a really great, large size! The dimensions of the overall advent calendar are 13 inches long, 4 inches wide and 13 inches tall. 


Fun Countdown to Halloween Calendars

Fun Countdown to Halloween Calendars

Make this Halloween season even more memorable with a festive Countdown Calendar.  They are very similar to Christmas Advent Calendars and some have doors or pockets to hide treats, small gifts, stickers and cute images.

Countdown to Halloween calendars come in many different styles and materials, so you are sure to find one that perfectly complements your Halloween decorations.  Find your favorite and have fun counting down to Halloween!

Wooden – Countdown to Halloween Calendars

Wooden Farmhouse Style Countdown to Halloween Calendar

The Wooden Countdown to Halloween Calendar featured above is available as shown but we love that you can also purchase it as a kit. There are two kit options to choose from – paint it yourself or assemble and paint it yourself.

Large Haunted House Halloween Countdown Calendar

This Large Haunted House Halloween Countdown Calendar is sooo AMAZING and it’s our favorite Countdown to Halloween Calendar this year. The design is based on the deserted Ukrainian Pidhirtsi Castle. In addition to it looking fabulous, it features windows that open, revealing your countdown surprise, and lights that illuminate the window panes.

Felt/Canvas – Countdown to Halloween Calendars

Happy Halloween Felt Countdown to Halloween Calendar

Personalized Countdown to Halloween Calendar

This Personalized Countdown to Halloween Calendar is made of canvas and features pockets for treats and small gifts. We love that it can be personalized.

Paper – Countdown to Halloween Calendars

All of our featured Paper Countdown to Halloween Calendars are quality calendars by The Vermont Christmas Company known for their Christmas Advent Calendars. Each Halloween countdown calendar features a fun picture and riddle or joke behind each window. They make excellent inexpensive gifts and are perfect for your own home. Take a look at our current favorites…

Little Goblins Halloween Countdown Calendar

Barn Dance Countdown to Halloween Calendar

Haunted House Halloween Countdown Calendar