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Personalized Inspirational Yoga Mats and Water Bottles

Personalized Inspirational Yoga Mats and Water Bottles

In a world where it seems like we are all moving too fast and our time is constantly being taken up by obligations, it can be difficult to prioritize our own health and happiness. However, making time for just a few minutes of yoga each day can have a profound impact on our physical and mental well-being.

One way to make your yoga practice even more effective is to incorporate a mat and water bottle that holds an inspirational message for you. This way, every time you roll out your mat or take a sip of water, you will be reminded of your intention for your practice. Adding this personal touch can help you to stay committed to your practice, even on days when you feel like you can’t make the time. Having a dedicated yoga practice can help to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. 

In this post we have featured our favorite Yoga mats and water bottles with inspirational designs.  Many of these mats can be personalized; either with a name, monogram or initial.

Before we dive into sharing the yoga mats and water bottles we wanted to share a few important details…  

Each mat is 72″ long and 24″ wide with a thickness of 0.25″. This thickness is above the standard yoga mat thickness, providing extra comfort for your practice. The mats are free from BPA’s, phthalates, and latex, making them safer for your skin and body.

The water bottles featured are either a Thor Copper Vacuum Insulated Bottle (made of 18/8 grade stainless steel) or a CamelBak Eddy (made of BPA, BPS and BPF Free Tritan and 50% recycled material). When it comes to choosing a water bottle, we know it is important to find one that is made of safe, durable materials that will not leach chemicals into your water.  Both of these types of bottles are safe and durable, so you can be sure that your water will be safe to drink.

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Personalized Inspirational Planners | Yogic and Meditative Themes

Personalized Inspirational Planners | Yogic and Meditative Themes

One of the best ways to stay on track with your goals is to have a clear and concise plan. Having a regular routine can help you to maintain focus and achieve success. However, for many people, the planning process can be daunting and time-consuming. 

This is where having a personalized inspirational planner can be a valuable asset.

A personalized planner can help you go through your day with a positive and calming mindset. It can include inspirational quotes, reminders, and tips to help you stay on track. It can also be a great way to document your progress and reflect on your achievements. 

So, if you are looking for a way to get organized and achieve your goals, consider investing in a personalized inspirational planner. It may just be one of the best investments in yourself you make.

In this post we are sharing personalized inspiration planners with a yogic or meditative theme.  There are so many to choose from and each design can be helpful in achieving a sense of calm and focus.  Add your name, the year or any other text that speaks to you in order to make the planner truly your own.  Many of the planners shown are available in a variety of colors and designs; we have included where to find the complete collection of these planners at the end of this post.

Each of the planners we have featured in this post are produced by Zazzle.  The designs come in two sizes that can be selected on the product pages: standard 8.5” by 11” and small 5.5” and 8.5”.  You can also choose whether you would like to have a hardcover or softcover.  The calendars are 60 pages long spanning 12 months with space for monthly overviews, weekly planning and notes.  Stickers are included.  Additionally, the planners are Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act compliant.

Shop these designs and many more in the Zazzle collection: Inspirational Yogic and Meditative Planner Designs.

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The Best Christmas Origami Diagrams to Fold This Holiday Season

The Best Christmas Origami Diagrams to Fold This Holiday Season

If you love all things Christmas and also love origami, then you’ll love this list of the best Christmas origami diagrams to fold this holiday season!  Origami is a great way to relax and get into the holiday spirit. From Santa Claus and reindeer to Christmas trees and wreaths, there’s something for everyone in this round-up.  And Origami diagrams suitable for all skill levels.

Use your creations to adorn gifts, Christmas cards, as place settings for the holiday table, for Christmas tree decorations…  The possibilities are truly endless!  So, grab some origami paper, printer paper works too, and get started on folding some of these amazing Christmas origami diagrams.  

Simple Christmas Tree Dollar Bill Origami



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Top 5 Horse Calendars for 2023 – Full Size Wall Calendars

Top 5 Horse Calendars for 2023 – Full Size Wall Calendars

Whether you’re an avid horse lover or are in need of a unique and thoughtful gift for one, a horse themed calendar is a perfect choice.  Horse calendars are a great way to add a touch of horse to your home or office while also helping you to stay organized and motivated throughout the year. There are many different types of horse calendars available for purchase, but which ones are the best?  We require our horse calendars to have NO halters and no riders, unless of course it’s a riding discipline based calendar. Here are our top five horse calendars for 2023: 

Spirit Horses 2023 Wall Calendar by Tony Stromberg

Our favorite 2023 horse calendar is Spirit Horses by Tony Stromberg.  Actually, Tony Stromberg’s horse calendars are our favorite every year.  They all feature exquisite photography capturing horses in motion that are both domestic and wild. 

Horse Portraits2023 Square Wall Calendar

The black and white portraits of horses captured in this Horse Portraits Calendar are stunning.  This 16 month calendar is truly a work of art perfect for elevating the look of your office for the new year.  Another great feature of this calendar is that it comes with 180 reminder stickers, to better assist you in your organization.

RED EMBER World of Horses – 2023 Wall Calendar

This RED EMBER World of Horses Calendar features beautiful horse photography with each month showcasing a different horse in a variety of settings like snow covered fields, beaches and meadows full of wildflowers.

MICASA World of Horses – 2023 Wall Calendar

We definitely recommend checking out the MICASA World of Horses Calendar. It’s another great calendar also featuring amazing professional horse photography.

2023 Horses Wall Calendar by Bright Day

This Horse 2023 Calendar by Bright Day Calendars is another excellent choice for incorporating more horse into your daily life by offering glimpses of horses in beautiful scenery.  

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FREE Cat and Dog Christmas Coloring Pages: A Fun Way to Celebrate the Holiday Season

FREE Cat and Dog Christmas Coloring Pages: A Fun Way to Celebrate the Holiday Season

The Christmas season is a great time to break out the coloring pages and crayons with the kids. And what could be more fun than Christmas coloring pages featuring everyone’s favorite furry friends – cats and dogs!

There are tons of great cat and dog Christmas coloring pages available online, and they make a great activity for kids of all ages. Plus, they’re a fun way to get into the holiday spirit and celebrate the season. Coloring pages are also a great way to keep kids busy while you are preparing for the holiday season. With so much to do, it can be hard to keep track of everything. But with coloring pages, kids can have something to do while you are getting things done. And when they are done, they can hang their pages up for everyone to see.

In this post, we have shared a collection of our favorite cat and dog Christmas coloring pages that are 100% free.  To access any of these amazing full size coloring pages all you have to do is click the links below and hit print.  So grab your crayons and coloring pencils and get ready to have a blast!

Free Cat Christmas Coloring Pages

Free Dog Christmas Coloring Pages

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The Best Santa Claus Beach Christmas Ornaments

The Best Santa Claus Beach Christmas Ornaments

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about all of the fun and festive decorations.  If you’re looking for a unique twist on the standard Santa ornament, why not try a beach-themed one? Santa Claus Beach Christmas ornaments are a perfect idea for commemorating a trip to the beach and are a must have for creating an entire beach themed tree . You can find them in a variety of styles, from cute to humorous. You will find Santa building sandcastles, surfing, relaxing, going swimming, riding sea life, and participating in various beach activities. And they come in all sorts of different materials, from glass to resin.  Many of these ornaments can be customized with a name and the year, making them a cherished keepsake.

If you have a friend or family member who loves the beach, then a Santa Claus beach ornament would also be a perfect gift for them. Santa Claus beach ornaments come in a variety of different styles and designs, so you can find the perfect one for each of your friends and family members.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best Santa Claus beach Christmas ornaments available this holiday season. From traditional ornaments to ones that are a little more unique, we’ve got you covered. No matter what style of Santa Claus ornament you choose, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face every time you see it. So make sure to add one (or a few!) to your shopping list this year!  So if you’re ready to start decking out your tree with some beach themed holiday flair, read on!

Figurine Santa Beach Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Santa Beach Christmas Ornaments


Keep Warm with Horse Themed Throws and Blankets

Keep Warm with Horse Themed Throws and Blankets

Horse themed blankets and throws make for perfect additions to your home decor and can even make excellent gifts for your horse loving friends and family.  As horse crazy girls, we love to curl up on the couch on cold nights, with our favorite horse themed blankets.

In this post, we have shared our favorite horse themed blankets available on the market.  The blankets cover a range of styles from cute and floral to western.  Some of the blankets can even be personalized, making them extra special!  


The Best Patriotic and Military Christmas Holiday Cards

The Best Patriotic and Military Christmas Holiday Cards

Any day is a great day to express your patriotism!  Christmas is certainly no exception… Share that patriotic spirit with friends and family by sending patriotic and military themed Christmas cards.

In this blog post we have shared our favorite red, white and blue patriotic themed Christmas holiday cards and our favorite military themed Christmas cards perfect for any and all branches.  Our family has lots of military ties; WWII army, Vietnam marine corps, Lockheed Martin engineering, the Cold War navy and current day naval service.

We hope you enjoy this selection.

Patriotic Christmas Holiday Cards

Military Christmas Holiday Cards

Army & Marine Christmas Card – Military Christmas Cards


Barbie The Nutcracker Ballet Movie, Dolls and Gifts

Barbie The Nutcracker Ballet Movie, Dolls and Gifts

Barbie in the Nutcracker is the perfect way for little ballerinas to have an even more magical Christmas holiday.  Little girls who love ballet and are getting excited for their own performance with a role in the Nutcracker will absolutely adore this movie.  Especially if they love Barbie!  It is the perfect surprise for starting out the holiday season, maybe even as a Thanksgiving gift.  A great Christmas gift idea is to surprise the little ballerina with a collectable Barbie of either their favorite dancer in the movie or whatever role they played in their own the nutcracker performance!

The Movie

This movie is sure to be a favorite with any ballerina!  Barbie plays the role of Clara and receives the Nutcracker from her aunt.  Just like in the original tale, at night the Nutcracker comes to life and wards off the evil Mouse King.  Clara aids the Nutcracker, but the Mouse King shrinks her.  Clara and the Nutcracker begin their adventure, finding the Sugarplum Princess. 

The length of the move is 1 hour and 23 minutes. Fun fact: this was the first Barbie movie!

Here is a beautiful dance scene from the movie…


This is a relatively new release for a Barbie Nutcracker themed item.  It was published in 2021!  The book is beautifully illustrated.

This book goes along with the Barbie in The Nutcracker movie.

Coloring Book

Barbie in The Nutcracker Dolls

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The Best Horse Jumping Christmas Ornaments

The Best Horse Jumping Christmas Ornaments

Horse jumping Christmas ornaments are a unique and beautiful addition to a horse lover’s Christmas tree.  They can also make a perfect and thoughtful gift for horse lovers.  Our favorite ornaments are those that can be personalized with a name and the year; making for a perfect memory keepsake to look at during the holiday season year after year.

Personalized Horse Jumping Christmas Ornaments

These beautiful horse jumping Christmas ornaments are ceramic and are made of white porcelain with a design printed on both sides of the ornament.  What makes these horse jumping Christmas ornaments so special is that the back can easily be personalized with both a name and the year!  Another special feature of these ornaments is that there is an option available to add a velvet gift pouch making them perfect for gifting!

Figurine Horse Jumping Christmas Ornaments

Figurine horse jumping Christmas ornaments are stunning.  Our current favorite is the Santa’s Flight Jumper Ornament by Breyer.

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FREE Thanksgiving Origami Tutorials

FREE Thanksgiving Origami Tutorials

Folding Thanksgiving origami is a fun and festive holiday activity, perfect for the whole family to enjoy.  There are many levels of complexity in the origami tutorials making it a great activity for both children and adults.  The result of this engaging paper craft can be cute and beautiful holiday decorations.

We have three favorite decorating ideas with Thanksgiving origami. 

First, use your completed origami models as a place setting at each seat of the table for Thanksgiving dinner.  Not only is this an adorable addition to the table, the kids will love contributing to the holiday preparations.  

Our second unique idea for decorating with your Thanksgiving origami is to create a centerpiece cornucopia, like this Paper Bag Cornucopia,  and fill it with origami fruits, vegetables, sunflowers, acorns and leaves.  

Our third decorating idea for Thanksgiving origami is to string your origami models together to create a beautiful and festive garland.  Different models can be paired together to create cute themes; leaves and acorns, turkeys and pilgrim hats, etc.

In this post we have shared free easy, intermediate and advanced origami tutorials for folding turkeys, acorns, sunflowers, leaves, candles, tables, chairs, apples, tomatoes, corn, pumpkins and pilgrim hats.  We hope you enjoy trying out folding these origami models.  Folding origami can be a cute Thanksgiving tradition that can be enjoyed year after year.

Easy Dollar Bill Turkey Thanksgiving Origami

Easy Thanksgiving Origami Models

Intermediate Thanksgiving Origami Models

Advanced Thanksgiving Origami Models 

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Countdown to Christmas with an Advent Calendar


The Best Beach Outdoor Christmas Holiday Decorations

The Best Beach Outdoor Christmas Holiday Decorations

If you live at the beach, adding some beach and coastal themed Christmas outdoor decorations into your holiday season could be the perfect way to make your holiday even more fabulous.  From flamingos, to mermaids and tropical tiki masks to beach Santa, we have shared a selection of the very best beach Christmas decorations here in this post. 

Take a look below to find some unique beach and Christmas themed outdoor inflatables, yard ornaments, doormats and garden flags.  We hope you find just what you need for a very special coastal Christmas.

Beach Christmas Outdoor Blow Up Inflatable Decorations 

We love these inflatable beach and coastal themed outdoor Christmas decorations.  Especially the pirate Santa and pirate ship inflatable decoration.  With LED lights, these blow up Christmas decorations will be equally charming in both the day and the night.

Yard Ornaments and Statues

Looking for some additions to your yard, deck or patio that are a bit smaller than an enormous inflatable decoration?  These beach themed yard ornaments are super festive and fun. 

Mailbox Cover

A flamingo Christmas mailbox cover is just one more way to add some more beach into your holiday decor…

Garden Flags

We love garden flags.  They are perfect for easily decorating the outside of your home year-round.  Christmas is certainly no exception.  Here are our favorite beachy Christmas garden flags…


A doormat is the perfect, simple decoration to easily add a touch of holiday festivity to outside your home.

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Freebie Friday – 6 Beautiful Winter Mandala Illustrations

Freebie Friday – 6 Beautiful Winter Mandala Illustrations

Freebie Friday is here again!  We have an exciting clipart package to share with you this week: 6 Beautiful Winter Mandala Illustrations.  This clipart package includes one unique mandala design in six colors inspired by winter.  These mandalas are perfect for use in any of your projects intended for personal or commercial use.  We hope you enjoy them.

Some details about the clipart:

  • The package includes 6 digital graphics
  • Each image is high resolution; marked at 300 dpi
  • The graphics are in a PNG format
  • The Sage and MI License Agreement requires you to use two extra images in your design. This can be as simple as adding an additional graphic or photo and text to your design. Please ensure you review the License Agreement for image usage guidelines prior to utilizing any Sage and MI graphic.

A resource you could use to add stylized text to these graphics is Font Space. It is perfect for finding unique free fonts to use in your designs. There are over 92,000 free options available! Be sure to review their use policy for the fonts. There are different options for commercial and personal use. 

Free resources to find graphics to use in your designs are listed below. All the images are in the Public Domain. This means they are available for both personal and commercial projects. With no terms of use restrictions! Select and download the images you want to use.

Need a free image editor? Our favorite is It is 100% free and easy to use.

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The Best Horse Themed Advent Calendars (for Horses and Ponies Too)

The Best Horse Themed Advent Calendars (for Horses and Ponies Too)

The best way, for horse lovers, to countdown to the Christmas holiday is most certainly with a horse themed advent calendar.  Luckily, there are styles available for horse lovers of all ages and even for horses and ponies too.  Take a look below to find your favorites.

These fun Christmas advent calendars also make excellent gifts for horse lovers hosting your Thanksgiving holiday.

Advent Calendars Filled with Horse Themed Toys

The following calendars by Breyer, Schleich and Playmobil are each filled with at least 24 adorable horse themed toys.  Each day you will find a special horse, a rider, a piece of tack or barn supplies.

This advent calendar by Breyer features Minnie Whinnies and some of their accessories.  40 of these special toys are included in this calendar including seven horses, two foals, one unicorn, three people and an assortment of other related accessories which appear to include jumps, fencing, barrels, a trophy and ribbons and hay bales.

This is the 2022 advent calendar release from Schleich!  It is, yet again, absolutely amazing. It includes a horse and a foal, a dog, two chicks and a squirrel, a rider with bendable legs and 17 accessories to include English tack for the horse, a halter, blanket and grooming brushes.  We love this new advent calendar!

This is the 2021 advent calendar from Schleich.  However, it is good for use any year!  Schleich’s advent calendars are timeless.  It comes with 24 toys which include one horse, two foals, a rider, a dog, a cat, a chick and many great accessories including English tack and grooming brushes.

This is the 2020 advent calendar release from Schleich.  It is another timeless Christmas countdown packed with amazing toys and accessories.  The theme of this calendar is veterinary.  Its 24 toys include a horse, a foal, a cat, a kitten, a bunny rabbit and a squirrel.  It also includes a vet and tons of cool accessories like vet wrap that actually can slide onto the legs of the horse and foal, other veterinary tools, a halter, horse blanket and treats for the horses and small animals.

The Playmobil Horse Farm includes 24 super cute toys for one advent calendar.  In addition to the calendar filled with toys, the child initially receives a horse farm backdrop for playing with the toys in the calendar.  Some of these toys include three people figures, one horse, two foals, two ponies, cats, a wheelbarrow, fencing, a tree, hay, hedgehogs, a bucket.  The rest of the calendar includes, of course, tons of other amazing accessories. 

Fill Your Own Horse Toy Advent Calendar

Love to do a special advent calendar for your child or children annually?  And also love to save money?  You may want to consider purchasing an advent calendar and filling it yourself.  

If each year you purchased one of the toy filled advent calendars we have shared you would end up spending, on average, $38 dollars a year which is about $192 over five years.  A hanging advent calendar like this Andees Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar Reusable Wall Hanging is only $18.98 with large pockets for some seriously amazing toy gifting!  If the horses you include in the set are something like this 18 Piece Horse Figure Toy Set for $15.99 or 16 Pieces Horse Figurines for $8.49 (filling the rest of the days with some candy) you would spend a total of only $34.97 or even $27.47 for the first year!  After that, you only spend the amount of money for a toy set each year after.  Going with the $15.99 set, you save an average of $3 dollars the first year and $22.01 each year after.  As opposed to spending an approximate $192 dollars over five years, you would spend only about $98.93 over the five years saving you a total of $93.07!  Another great benefit is that you will never run out of options for creating a great horse themed advent calendar, each year it can be filled with new, unique gifts.

Resin – Horse Advent Calendar

While this advent calendar doesn’t include daily gifts or surprises, it is still a beautiful way to countdown to the Christmas holiday.  This horse is absolutely stunning.

Paper – Horse Advent Calendars 

This paper advent calendar is horse themed featuring a beautiful scene with lots and lots of horses.  Looking at all of the activity in this horse barn never gets old.

The ponies in this paper advent calendar are just too cute.  While not exclusively horse or pony themed, this Christmas countdown is perfect for pony lovers.

Filled with Chocolates!

The scene in this advent calendar is a perfect combination of fun and beautiful. It is full of chocolates individually wrapped as Christmas presents. In addition to a chocolate, each day in the calendar you will find a verse from ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Advent Calendars for Horses and Ponies Too…

Countdown to Christmas with your favorite horse or pony.  This advent calendar is filled with yummy equine treats…

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FREE Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Printing

FREE Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Printing

TURKEY FOLIAGE Coloring Page Featured Above

Thanksgiving coloring pages are a great holiday activity.  They are perfect to keep the kids busy while you are preparing for the feast and are sure to be much enjoyed on Thanksgiving Day.  Not only do the younger kids love them but you are sure to have a few adults coloring a Thanksgiving masterpiece.  

We have shared a selection of the very best free Thanksgiving coloring pages.  There are many cute and simple coloring pages perfect for small children and also there are more intricate coloring pages, like a turkey zentangle, that teens and adults are sure to enjoy.

Just click on a link below for a full-size Thanksgiving coloring page ready for printing.  We hope you enjoy them!

If you are printing many coloring pages this Thanksgiving, here is a great money saving tip: set your printer to use only black ink when printing the coloring page.  Even though the lines of the coloring pages are black, if color printing is enabled the printer will use ink from the three color cartridges instead of just from the much cheaper black ink cartridge.  Also, for inkjet printers, look to enable economy mode, draft mode, or ink saver mode.  Your coloring pages will still look great but less ink will be used for the lines!

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