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FREE Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Printing

FREE Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Printing

TURKEY FOLIAGE Coloring Page Featured Above

Thanksgiving coloring pages are a great holiday activity.  They are perfect to keep the kids busy while you are preparing for the feast and are sure to be much enjoyed on Thanksgiving Day.  Not only do the younger kids love them but you are sure to have a few adults coloring a Thanksgiving masterpiece.  

We have shared a selection of the very best free Thanksgiving coloring pages.  There are many cute and simple coloring pages perfect for small children and also there are more intricate coloring pages, like a turkey zentangle, that teens and adults are sure to enjoy.

Just click on a link below for a full-size Thanksgiving coloring page ready for printing.  We hope you enjoy them!

If you are printing many coloring pages this Thanksgiving, here is a great money saving tip: set your printer to use only black ink when printing the coloring page.  Even though the lines of the coloring pages are black, if color printing is enabled the printer will use ink from the three color cartridges instead of just from the much cheaper black ink cartridge.  Also, for inkjet printers, look to enable economy mode, draft mode, or ink saver mode.  Your coloring pages will still look great but less ink will be used for the lines!

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