PART 3 AeroGarden Review – The First Three Weeks

PART 3 AeroGarden Review – The First Three Weeks

This post is part three of our AeroGarden review series.  In part one, AeroGarden: Going Green and Eating Clean – A Review, we discussed our reasoning for selecting the 24XL Farm Aerogarden model and the additional supplies we purchased. In part two, AeroGarden Review – Setup and First Planting, we shared our experience with constructing our AeroGarden and beginning our lettuce growing journey.

For part three, we are going to share about our first few weeks as Aeorogarden farmers.

When we began our garden, we expected it to take around a week to begin seeing our lettuce sprout.  We couldn’t have been more surprised or excited to see ALL of the seed pods sprouting just 24 hours later. The first few weeks were amazing with our new lettuce plants with, what we felt, was rapid growth. 

Rapic Growth – PART 3 AeroGarden Review

Then disappointingly, the lettuce appeared to stop growing and the leaves started becoming a bit burnt and brown around the edges. We did some research and realized the OceanSolution 2-0-3 Plant Food we were using did not contain all of the nutrients required by our lettuce to grow.

Browning Leaves – PART 3 AeroGarden Review

So, we switched our plant food and used the AeroGarden Liquid Plant food that was included with our purchase.  The plants became much healthier and began noticeably growing again in about a day.

Healthy Lettuce – PART 3 AeroGarden Review

Within the next week after switching the plant food, we were able to have our first small harvest!

First Harvest – PART 3 AeroGarden Review

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