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Cute Horse and Pony Costumes for Infants and Toddlers

This post contains the cutest collection of infant and toddler, horse and pony costumes and accessories.  These costumes are a perfect choice for Halloween but are also fun for any horse themed party, dress up and play.

This collection of costumes has something for all young horse lovers and this first costume has been one of our favorites for years…

Cute Corduroy Horse Costume

Baby Pony Pal Horse Costume

Plush Horse Costume

Dress like an Equestrian

These cute costumes are a perfect addition to the ride-on-horses above or you can just add a stick horse show below. There are costume sets for English and Western riding disciplines and a horse racing jockey costume as well.

All Good Equestrians Need a Horse

In terms of costumes, options for horses come down to two primary options: ride-a horse costumes and stick horses. Both are amazing options and provide ample opportunities for play. For Halloween, a ride-horse costume could be slightly better because the child can have both hands free for trick-or-treating and play.

Ride a Horse Costume

Cute Ride a Horse Costume

Stick Horses

A stick horse is a must have Halloween costume accessory for any child who dresses up as an equestrian.  You can purchase one already made or do it yourself and make one as a fun kid-friendly craft!  We have shared some of the best stick horse options below as well as a tutorial video on how to create one.

Pink Fantasy Stick Pony with Galloping and Magical Sounds 

Make Your Own Stick Horse

We are sharing two DIY tutorials for making a stick horse. The first is the post Making Mops Into Stick Horses. Our favorite thing about Mop Stick Horses is that the stick is already connected.

The second is a video tutorial on how to make sock stick horses. Our favorite thing about Sock Stick Horses is you can easily create different horse colors. Take a look…

How to Make a DIY Sock Stick Horse

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