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Football Themed Cakes and Cupcakes

Football Themed Cakes and Cupcakes

Football cakes and cupcakes are the perfect addition to many momentous celebrations such as birthday parties and Super Bowl parties.  In this post, we are sharing some of the best supplies available to help you create the perfect tasty treat.  

Many of the supplies featured like cake toppers and cupcake picks make an easy way to prepare a tasty football themed dessert and are always a huge hit with party guests of all ages.

Football Birthday Cake – Source: Flickr user Samdogs

To start, we wanted to share our favorite football cake tutorial.  This video gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a 3D football cake, texture and all.  It is super in-depth and easy to follow along with the instructions.

We love this one because it does not require a major base for the cake!  No metal rods, no screws, no wood base!  Just simply a cake, icing and fondant.

How to Make an Amazing Football Cake


We know not everyone has the time or desire to make a cake that requires so much time and effort as the video tutorial for the football cake we shared above.  However, that doesn’t mean your cake needs to be less amazing!  We have shared the very best cake pans, frosting sheets and cake toppers available on the market that are sure to enable you to create a masterpiece.  In each of the sections mentioned, we share our favorite idea for a football cake masterpiece.

Cake Pan:

Frosting Sheets:

Our favorite use of a frosting sheet for a football themed cake is to use this football field edible icing image.  Next, all you need to do is decorate the field with football figures, goal posts and any text that you wish to add. We have shared the goal post cake toppers and a figurine football team in the following Cake Topper section…

Cake Toppers:

As we briefly mentioned in the previous sections, we love the idea of using the cake to create a football field scene complete with teams!

Wedding Cake Toppers:

For a football loving couple, a football wedding cake topper may just be the perfect choice for your special day!  These are some of our favorites… 


Using any of these cupcake rings, toppers or wrappers will be an amazing addition to your party!  Our tip for football cupcake decorating is to consider using either green frosting to resemble a football field or using frosting of your football team’s colors.

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