School Supplies

Shark Themed School Supplies

Shark Themed School Supplies

It’s not yet time for school to begin but it is time to get the perfect school supplies for the upcoming school year.  Beat the rush and get some great shark themed supplies before they sell out.  In this post, we are sharing with you the latest and greatest shark themed school supplies for kids.  The items featured apply to kids of all ages.

There are so many awesome options for supplies to include backpacks, lunch bags and folders.  You will certainly find at least one item that will enhance your style and enjoyment of school.  

Backpack With Lunch Bag, Pencil Case, and Accessories

Shark Backpacks

Backpacks are one of the best ways to add a noticeable theme to your style all school year long.  A backpack is our top choice for personalizing your school supplies.

Shark Lunch Bags

These insulated Shark Lunch Bags are perfect for kids of all ages.  They look great and are reasonably priced.

Shark Notebooks, Folders and Binder

Shark themed notebooks, folders and binders are a fun way to organize school work.


All of the shark notebooks featured are college ruled or primary composition style with a dotted middle line.  Perfect for notes and school assignments for kids of all ages!


Make school assignments and homework more enjoyable by storing and organizing them in a shark expandable file folder.


These shark themed binders are unique and can be personalized with a name or custom text. 

Shark Pencil Cases

These stylish shark pencil cases are perfect to help keep things organized.

Small Shark Pencil Box

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