Horses, School Supplies

Horse Themed School Supplies

Horse Themed School Supplies

Horse themed school supplies are the best way for horse crazy kids to enjoy the school year. There are so many awesome options for supplies to include binders, backpacks and lunch bags.  You will certainly find at least one item that will enhance your style and enjoyment of school. 

 Now is the perfect time to get supplies for this upcoming school season.  In this post, we are sharing with you the year’s best horse themed school supplies for kids.  The items featured apply to a variety of student ages.

Horse Backpacks

Our favorite back to school accessory has got to be backpacks.  Not only are they functional, they are a fabulous wearable accessory.  A horse themed backpack would add a bold horse theme to your personal style all school year long.  There are many great options to choose from.

Horse Lunch Bags

Lunch is the perfect time to regroup in your day and is a great time to have some fun.  A horse themed lunch bag or lunch box is refreshing and will bring extra joy to lunch time.

Wildkin Cute Horses Pink Lunch Bag

Horse Notebooks, Folders and Binders

Make organizing school work fun with horse themed notebooks, folders and binders.


There are a great selection of horse notebooks to choose from to include composition style and spiral.  A few can be personalized with a name or other text.


Expandable folders are a must for organizing assignments and notes by class. They are just one more great reason to add some more horses into your day.


These horse themed binders are super unique and can be personalized with a name or custom text.  You can find styles for many riding disciplines and types of horses.

Horse Pencil Cases

Horse themed pencil cases are stylish and functional.  They are perfect for those who love to have a variety of pens, pencils, and highlighters.  Store all of the writing supplies you want without making your backpack a mess.

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