FREE Dinosaur Origami Tutorials – Easy Through Advanced

FREE Dinosaur Origami Tutorials – Easy Through Advanced

Dinosaur origami is the perfect craft idea for any dino enthusiast.  There are so many different models with varying complexity that makes origami suitable for any age range or experience level.  For a party, there can be many different origami patterns offered.  

We love origami!  Based on our experience with folding, we are grading these diagrams from beginner, intermediate, novice and expert.  Easy and some intermediate models are good starting models for kids.  Novice is my favorite level of models shared here.  They are detailed and easy enough to be feasible without too much time involved in creating.

The instructions shared are in the form of step-by-step photo guides, video tutorials, or diagrams.  The more advanced the model you choose, the more detailed the dinosaur is.  Starting with beginner models you can gain the skills and work up to being able to fold advanced models. 


Origami Dinosaur – Raptor

Easy Origami T-Rex – Method 1

Origami Triceratops

Easy Origami Dinosaur


Origami Pterosaur – Method 2

Origami Brachiosaurus

Origami Stegosaurus


Origami T-Rex

Origami Velociraptor

Origami Brachiosaurus 

Origami Parasaurolophus

Spinosaurus Origami

3D Elasmosaurus


Collection of FREE Dinosaur Origami Patterns

2D Dinosaur Head Skeleton

Origami Dinosaur Ankylosaurus

Origami Triceratops

Origami Spinosaurus Tutorial

Origami Paper – Purchase and/or Print Your Own

Need paper for your origami folding?  Here are some packs of traditional origami paper and digital paper downloads.  Digital origami paper is perfect if you want to get started right away.  Just download and print some whenever you would like.  The digital origami papers we have shared are all sized 12×12″ but can be resized.  For simple origami models, it is possible to use printer paper.  It is important to note printer paper is much thicker than traditional origami paper known as Kami at 60gsm to 63gsm.  A thin printer paper that will work for folding origami is 75gsm.

Purchase Origami Paper

Digital Papers – Great Designs for Dino Origami

75gsm Printer Paper

JK Copier Paper – A4, 500 Sheets, 75 Gsm, 1 Ream

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