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Dinosaur Cakes and Cupcakes – Perfect for any Party or Celebration

Dinosaur Cakes and Cupcakes – Perfect for any Party or Celebration

For those who love dinosaurs, nothing could be better than celebrating a special occasion with dinosaur themed cakes and cupcakes. 

In addition to being perfect for normal occasions like birthday parties or baby showers, they definitely would make the perfect addition for a movie release/watch party for Jurassic World Dominion

A cake gives you so much room to be super creative in the design and can even make an amazing decoration for the party.  Cupcakes are an easy way to have a cute dessert that guests can bring something home from, like an amazing cupcake pick.

We are sharing with you in this post some of our favorite design ideas (hello fondant!) and the best items we have found to make all of your dino dessert dreams come true.


We couldn’t choose just one favorite cake decorating idea for dinos so we decided to share our top two at the beginning and end of the cake section of the post.

The first video is a tutorial on how to create a Jurassic World inspired cake of an intricate volcano scene with fondant cake toppers.  It is just incredible.  An idea to personalize this cake style is to use a fondant or figurine of your favorite type of dinosaur or dinosaurs.  To remove the Jurassic World portion of the cake for just a regular dinosaur cake, simply just don’t include the fondant logo.

Cake Pans

Fondant Molds

Cake Toppers

Cute Cake Toppers

These cute dino cake toppers are perfect for birthdays and baby showers…

Personalized Cake Toppers

This collection of cake toppers can be personalized with a name and age. They also make great cupcake tower toppers.

Last but not least, we would like to share our second favorite dinosaur cake decorating idea/tutorial. This cake is significantly easier to create than the Jurassic World cake we shared at the beginning of the post. It is an absolutely adorable triceratops cake. Styled simply with fondant.


Cupcake Picks and Wrapper Set

Cool Dinosaur Cupcake Picks and Wrappers with Dino Name

Cupcake Picks

Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcake Towers

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